Ask the Team

Ask The Team

Got a security question? Have no one to ask? Tried the newsgroups but received no serious answer? Ask the SecuriTeam experts, and we promise to give you an answer! Whether it will be a complete explanation or just a reference to where you can find additional information, you won’t receive a “no-answer” signal from us! Send your questions to: If the information is sensitive, you can encrypt it via PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). The PGP key for is available here. Note, however, that we will not answer irrelevant questions: We do not provide support for Hotmail, Yahoo, TrendMicro, or any company beside SecurITeam and Beyond Security. Hotmail password recovery, hotmail email tracking, hotmail identity finding, or anything related to hacking Hotmail accounts is illegal. We do not TRACK anyone, for any reason, on any system, including AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. We do not provide serial numbers, cracks, keygen, or anything of that sort. Don’t ask us to hack, Crack, or DoS. We just don’t do these sort of things. We will not give you 0day exploits, 0day warez, or any other illegal material. Anything we MIGHT have or DO have is available on We aren’t hiding anything from you. Anything we know about BIOS passwords is available on our web site, use our search engine to find it. If you have, or think you have a Virus/Trojan/Backdoor problem, you should install an antivirus – we probably can’t do much to help you.