Cryptopp Crypto++ 5.6.4 octets Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Crypto++ (aka cryptopp and libcrypto++) 5.6.4 contained a bug in its ASN.1 BER decoding routine. The library will allocate a memory block based on the length field of the ASN.1 object. If there is not enough content octets in the ASN.1 object, then the function will fail and the memory block will be zeroed even if its unused. There is a noticeable delay during the wipe for a large allocation.

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Phpipam 1.2 Execute Code Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Multiple Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) issues were discovered in phpipam 1.2. The vulnerabilities exist due to insufficient filtration of user-supplied data passed to several pages (instructions in app/admin/instructions/preview.php; subnetId in app/admin/powerDNS/refresh-ptr-records.php). An attacker could execute arbitrary HTML and script code in a browser in the context of the vulnerable website.

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