‘How to break IoMega’s Zip Drive read/write password protection’


‘IoMega’s Zip Drive can be password protected to restrict read and write access from Zip disks. This password
is kept on the disk, and used by the Zip drive to give access only to ‘authorized’ users who know this password. However, it is fairly easy to overcome this password security restriction by following a few easy steps.’


‘This security exploit was found by an anonymous source, and published by
Bruce Schneier


‘IoMega’s Zip drive protection was proven to be practically useless.
The following steps will allow you to read and write to a ‘protected’ Zip disk without knowing the password:

1. Insert a blank disk into the zip drive
2. Give this disk a password (it can be any password, as long as you remember it)
3. Using the IoMega toolset, set the zip drive’s sleep time to a large value (such as 1 minute)
4. Wait a while until the drive ‘spins down’. You will hear the drive stop spinning.
5. Take a pin or a straighten paper clip and stick it into a hole in the back of the Zip drive. This will manually eject the blank disk.
6. Insert the disk you want to access (the one you don’t know the password to)
7. now use the IoMega toolset to remove the password. When prompted for the password use the password from step (2).

You have now effectively removed the password from the original disk. All you need to do now is eject the disk (using the ‘eject’ button) and re-insert it so that the zip drive will read its contents table. It’s password has been removed, and you can access it normally.’

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