Mobipocket Reader Build 608 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability


Mobipocket Reader 6.2 Build 608 is prone to a buffer overflow


The information has been provided by shinnai.


Vulnerable Systems:
 * Mobipocket Reader 6.2

Mobipocket SA is a French company incorporated in March 2000 which produces Mobipocket Reader software, an E-Book reader for some PDAs, phones and desktop operating systems.

The Mobipocket software package is free and consists of various publishing and reading tools for PDA, Smartphones, cellular phones and e-book devices (Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, webOS, Java ME, BlackBerry, Psion, Kindle and iLiad). was bought by in 2005.[1] Amazon’s acquisition was believed to be a result of Adobe Systems’s announcement that it would
no longer sell its eBook packaging and serving software.[2]

An alpha release of the java-based version of the mobipocket reader was made available for cellphones on June 30, 2008.[3] There is also a reader for desktop computers running Microsoft Windows, which also works with computers running Mac OS X and Linux using WINE.[4]

It has been widely reported that since Amazon’s acquisition of Mobipocket, software support, user support, and platform growth was ended. In December, 2011, it was reported that Amazon officially notified the book publishers that it was ending support for Mobipocket. RIP: Mobipocket 2000-2011, Mobipocket eBook Format Is Gone, The status of Mobipocket DRM content previously purchased by users continues to be unclear since currently no other ebook reader supports this propriety DRM method.

PoC released as is, I have no time at the moment for further investigations

Crafting a .chm file is possible to cause a stack based buffer overflow. In the case of this PoC, registers at the moment of crash are as follow.

EAX 0012F6B8
ECX 000002D5
EDX 000003E3
EBX 00000000
ESP 0012F6F4
ESI 04064A4C
EIP 00F31941

CPU Stack
Address Value ASCII Comments
0012F6E8 00F31941 A

As you can see, the content of EIP is just the value of the stack address at 0x0012F6E8


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Published: 2012-04-23

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