‘Did you really think you can copy protect your documents?’


‘Many software companies out there are using state of the art visual copy protection mechanisms to stop the printing, screen capturing and other ways of duplicating proprietary content using special ActiveX controls, or other sophisticated methods. What they are ignoring is that if you have a local copy of the content on your screen, you are just one step from having it at your complete disposal.’


‘The information has been provided by SecuriTeam.’


‘A few products on the Internet offer content providers with the mechanism to protect their content from wrongfully being copied, printed or used without the explicit consent of the content owner (this is usually done to enforce royalties payments).

Such products include Clever Content, VYou and others.

Those products are smart enough to protect against ‘conventional’ ways to copy content. They won’t allow copy & paste, screen capturing functions or regular printing.
But what these products neglect to protect against is someone running the product under a virtual operating system and capturing the screen of this virtual OS (this is virtually impossible, since the program doesn’t even have the knowledge that it’s running in a virtual OS). Virtual operating system are provided by products like VMWare, and they create a perfectly running operating system inside an existing operating system (where the hosting operating system can range from Windows, to Solaris, Linux and other UNIX flavors). This allows you to run a Windows based OS with Internet Explorer inside a virtual machine, and then just capture the screen shown inside the hosted operating system. Voila! You have just copied the required content to your keyboard.’

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