‘Default passwords sometimes stay for good’


‘Many of today’s software and hardware come with default passwords. Those passwords are meant to be temporary, but in many cases those passwords aren’t changed by administrators, allowing anyone to access the equipment with elevated rights.
We provide here a large list of default passwords, sorted by the different products.’


‘The information has been provided by:
Roelof Temmingh, Stephen Friedl, Sebastian Andersson, Jonathan Leto, Mike Blomgren, Knud Erik Hjgaard, MobileUnit, Roelof Temmingh, Usman, Joe Jenkins, Jan-Frode Myklebust, Nathan J. Yoder.’


Username: admin Password: synnet
Username: read Password: synnet
Username: write Password: synnet
Username: monitor Password: monitor
Username: manager Password: manager
Username: security Password: security

3Com Office Connect 5×0 ISDN Routers:
Password: PASSWORD

3Com AccessBuilder 7000 BRI:
SNMPRead: public SNMPWrite: private

3Com CellPlex 7000:
Username: tech Password: tech

3Com CoreBuilder 7000/6000/3500/2500:
Username: debug Password: synnet
Username: tech Password: tech
SNMPRead: public SNMPWrite: private

3Com HiPerARC v4.1.x:
Username: adm Password: <blank>

3Com LANplex 2500:
Username: debug Password: synnet
Username: tech Password: tech

3Com LinkSwitch 2000/2700:
Username: tech Password: tech

3com SuperStackII Switch:
Username: 2200 Password: debug
Username: 2700 Password: tech

Alteon ACEswitch 180e (web):
Username: admin Password: admin

Alteon ACEswitch 180e (telnet):
Username: admin Password: <blank>

Alteon Web Systems
Username: none Password: admin
Username: none Password: l4admin
SNMPWrite: public

Ascom Timeplex Routers
Telnet to router and send repeated CTRL-D’s. This will drop you to a debug prompt allowing you to modify router setup.

ACC (Ericsson):
Username: netman Password: netman

ADC Kentrox Pacesetter Router:
Username: n/a Password: secret

Accelerated DSL CPE and DSLAM:
Username: sysadm Password: anicust

Username: admin Password: system

Adtran MX2800:
Password: adtran

All Zyxel equipment:
Username: n/a Password: 1234

AT&T 3B2 firmware:
Username: n/a Password: mcp

AXIS 200/240 [netcam]:
Username: root pass

Username: root pass

Bay routers:
Username: Manager Password: <blank>
Username: User Password: <blank>

Bay 350T Switch:
Password: NetICs

Bay SuperstackII:
Username: security Password: security

BRASX/I01 (DataCom):
Password: letmein

BreezeCOM adapters 2.x (console only):
Password: laflaf

BreezeCOM adapters 3.x (console only):
Password: Master

BreezeCOM adapters 4.x (console only):
Password: Super

Cabletron (routers & switches):
Username: <blank> Password: <blank>

CableTron Netgear modem/router and SSR:
Username: netman Password: <blank>

Password: c(Cisco 2600s)
Password: cisco
Username: enable Password: cisco
Password: Cisco router

Cayman DSL:
Password: <blank>

Crystalview outsideview32:
Password: crystal

Password: BRIDGE
Password: password

Password: ACCESS
Password: SYSTEM

DLink hub/switches:
Username: D-Link Password: D-Link

D-Link DI-604 (Cable/DSL router):
Username: admin
where means literally a blank password.

Dupont Digital Water Proofer:
Username: root Password: par0t

Dynix (The library software, not the UNIXOS):
Username: later

Username: chochete Password: tiabuena

Flowpoint DSL installed by Covad:
Password: password

Flowpoint DSL2000:
Username: admin Password: admin

Hewlett Packard HP Jetdirect:
Username: none Password: none

Hewlett Packard MPE-XL:
Username: HELLO Password: MANAGER.SYS
Username: HELLO Password: MGR.SYS
Username: HELLO Password: FIELD.SUPPORT
Username: HELLO Password: HPUNSUP
Username: HELLO Password: SUPPORT
Username: HELLO Password: HP
Username: HELLO Password: OP.OPERATOR
Username: MGR Password: CAROLIAN
Username: MGR Password: CCC
Username: MGR Password: CNAS
Username: MGR Password: CONV
Username: MGR Password: COGNOS
Username: MGR Password: HPDESK
Username: MGR Password: HPWORD
Username: MGR Password: HPP187
Username: MGR Password: HPP189
Username: MGR Password: HPP196
Username: MGR Password: INTX3
Username: MGR Password: ITF3000
Username: MGR Password: NETBASE
Username: MGR Password: REGO
Username: MGR Password: RJE
Username: MGR Password: ROBELLE
Username: MGR Password: SECURITY
Username: MGR Password: SYS
Username: MGR Password: TELESUP
Username: MGR Password: WORD
Username: MGR Password: XLSERVER
Username: MGR Password: HPONLY
Username: MGR Password: HPOFFICE
Username: OPERATOR Password: COGNOS
Username: OPERATOR Password: DISC
Username: OPERATOR Password: SYS
Username: OPERATOR Password: SYSTEM
Username: OPERATOR Password: SUPPORT
Username: MGE Password: VESOFT
Username: MGE Password: VESOFT
Username: MANAGER Password: COGNOS
Username: MANAGER Password: HPOFFICE
Username: SPOOLMAN Password: HPOFFICE
Username: ADVMAIL Password: HPOFFICE
Username: WP Password: HPOFFICE
Username: MANAGER Password: ITF3000
Username: MANAGER Password: SECURITY
Username: MANAGER Password: SYS
Username: MANAGER Password: TCH
Username: MANAGER Password: TELESUP
Username: FIELD Password: HPWORD
Username: FIELD Password: HPP187
Username: FIELD Password: SERVICE
Username: FIELD Password: SUPPORT
Username: PCUSER Password: SYS
Username: RSBCMON Password: SYS
Username: MAIL Password: HPOFFICE
Username: MAIL Password: MAIL
Username: MAIL Password: TELESUP
Username: SYS Password: TELESUP

Username: OPERATOR Password: COGNOS
Username: MANAGER Password: HPOFFICE

IBM AS/400:
Username: qsecofr Password: qsecofr
Username: qsysopr Password: qsysopr
Username: qpgmr Password: qpgmr
Username: ibm Password: password
Username: ibm Password: 2222
Username: ibm Password: service
Username: qsecofr Password: 1111111
Username: qsecofr Password: 2222222
Username: qserv Password: qserv
Username: qsvr Password: qsvr
Username: secofr Password: secofr
Username: qsrv Password: ibmce1

IBM NetCommerce PRO 3.2:
Username: ncadmin Password: ncadmin

Microrouter (Cisco):
Username: – Password: letmein

Multi-Tech RASExpress Server 5.30a:
Username: guest Password: none

Microplex print server:
Username: root Password: root

Motorola Cablerouter:
Username: cablecom Password: router

Microsoft SQL Server:
Username: sa Password: –

Nanoteq NetSeq firewall:
Username: admin Password: NetSeq

Netgear RH348 / ISDN-Router RH348:
Username: – Password: 1234

Netopia R7100, 7100, 455:
Username: <blank> Password: <blank>

Netopia 9500:
Username: netopia Password: netopia

Nortel Meridian 1 PBX:
Username: 0000 Password: 0000

Oracle DB:
Username: sys Password: change_on_install

Jetform design:
Username: Jetform Password: n/a

Lantronics Terminal server port:
Username: 7000 Password: n/a

Linksys DSL:
Password: admin

Livingston IRX router:
Username: !root Password: <blank>

Livingston officerouter:
Username: !root Password: <blank>

Livingston portmaster 2/3:
Username: !root Password: <blank>

Orbitor console:
Password: password

Orbitor console:
Password: BRIDGE

Osicom (Datacom):
Username: sysadm Password: sysadm

Raidzone raid arrays:
Password: raidzone

Username: root Password: <blank>
Username: Guest Password: <blank>
Username: hello Password: hello

Speedstream DSL (Efficient):
Username: n/a Password: admin

Spider Systems M250 / M250L:
Username: – Password: hello

SysKonnect 6616:
Username: default.password

Terayon TeraLink Getaway / 1000 Controller:
Username: admin Password: password
Username: user Password: password

UClinux for UCsimm:
Username: root Password: uClinux

USR TOTALswitch:
Username: none Password: amber

Username: wradmin Password: trancell

NETPrint (all):
Password: sysadm

Xylan Omniswitch / Omnistack:
Username: admin Password: switch
Username: admin Password: password
Username: diag Password: switch

Zyxel ISDN-Router Prestige 1000 / prestige 300 series:
Username: – Password: 1234′

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