‘Adobe Shockwave KEY* Chunk Invalid Size Code Execution Vulnerability’


This vulnerability allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on vulnerable installations of Adobe Shockwave.’


‘The information has been provided by Luigi Auriemma.
The original article can be found at: http://www.zerodayinitiative.com/advisories/ZDI-11-212/


Vulnerable Systems:
 * Adobe Shockwave Player

User interaction is required to exploit this vulnerability in that the target must visit a malicious page or open a malicious file.

The specific flaw exists within the way Shockwave handles KEY* elements in a Director file. The Shockwave player will allocate memory with a size taken from the Shockwave file but will always copy a few bytes into that allocation. KEY* sizes smaller then 4 will therefore cause an overwrite of the allocation. By cleverly crafting the input file, an attacker can leverage this to execute remote code under the context of the current user.

Patch Availability:
Adobe has issued an update to correct this vulnerability. More details can be found at:

CVE Information:

Disclosure Timeline:
2011-05-12 – Vulnerability reported to vendor
2011-06-14 – Coordinated public release of advisory’

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