Sophos Web Appliance information Remote Code Execution Vulnerability


an issue in which users can block or unblock an IP address in a quarantine policy and inject a shell command


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Vulnerable Systems:
 * Sophos Web Appliance

The Sophos Web Appliance (version is vulnerable to two Remote Command Injection vulnerabilities affecting its web administrative interface. These vulnerabilities occur in the MgrReport.php (/controllers/MgrReport.php) component responsible for blocking and unblocking IP addresses from accessing the device. The device doesn’t properly escape the information passed in the variables ‘unblockip’ and ‘blockip’ before calling the shell_exec() function which allows for system commands to be injected into the device. The code erroneously suggests that the information handled is protected by utilizing the variable name ‘escapedips’ – however this was not the case. The Sophos ID is NSWA-1258.

CVE Information:

Disclosure Timeline:
Publish Date : 2017-01-28
Last Update Date : 2017-03-08

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