Emily-AL00A Security Bypass Restriction Vulnerability


There is a Factory Reset Protection (FRP) bypass security vulnerability in P20 Huawei smart phones versions before Emily-AL00A When re-configuring the mobile phone using the FRP function, an attacker can delete the activation lock after a series of operations. As a result, the FRP function is bypassed and the attacker gains access to the smartphone.


The information has been provided by Huawei 
The original article can be found at: https://www.huawei.com/en/psirt/security-advisories/huawei-sa-20190228-01-smartphone-en


Emily-AL00A is prone to a bypass vulnerability. This allow an attacker to bypass detection or blocking system, which could allow malware to pass through the system undetected 

Vulnerable Systems:

  • Emily-AL00A

    CVE Information:

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    Publish Date:06/04/2019