HPE IceWall SSO Dfw Improper Neutralization of Input During Web Page Generation (‘Cross-site Scripting’) Vulnerability


HPE IceWall SSO Dfw suffers from improper neutralization of input during web page generation (‘Cross-site Scripting’) vulnerability


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The original article can be found at:https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docLocale=en_US&docId=emr_na-hpesbmu04011en_us


A security vulnerability in HPE IceWall SSO Dfw and Dgfw (Domain Gateway Option) could be exploited remotely to cause a remote cross-site scripting (XSS). HPE has provided the following information to resolve this vulnerability in HPE IceWall SSO DFW and Dgfw: https://www.hpe.com/jp/icewall_patchaccess


Vulnerable Systems:

HPE IceWall SSO Dfw


CVE Information:



Disclosure Timeline:
Published Date:7/8/2020

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