MQTT library in Arm Mbed OS 2017-11-02 Improper Input Validation Vulnerability


A denial-of-service issue was discovered in the MQTT library in Arm Mbed OS 2017-11-02. The function readMQTTLenString() is called by the function MQTTDeserialize_publish() to get the length and content of the MQTT topic name. In the function readMQTTLenString(), mqttstring->lenstring.len is a part of user input, which can be manipulated.












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An attacker can simply change it to a larger value to invalidate the if statement so that the statements inside the if statement are skipped, letting the value of mqttstring-> default to zero. Later, curn is accessed, which points to mqttstring->

On an Arm Cortex-M chip, the value at address 0x0 is actually the initialization value for the MSP register. It is highly dependent on the actual firmware. Therefore, the behavior of the program is unpredictable from this time on.


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MQTT library in Arm Mbed OS 2017-11-02


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Published Date: 11/04/2019