Oniguruma 6.9.2 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability


A use-after-free in onig_new_deluxe() in regext.c in Oniguruma 6.9.2 allows attackers to potentially cause information disclosure, denial of service, or possibly code execution by providing a crafted regular expression. The attacker provides a pair of a regex pattern and a string, with a multi-byte encoding that gets handled by onig_new_deluxe(). Oniguruma issues often affect Ruby, as well as common optional libraries for PHP and Rust.


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It was discovered that PHP incorrectly handled certain regular expressions. An attacker could possibly use this issue to expose sensitive information, cause a denial of service or execute arbitrary code.

Vulnerable Systems:

Oniguruma 6.9.2 and prior

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Published Date:07/16/2019