Pulse Secure Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) Improper Restriction of Excessive Authentication Attempts Vulnerability


An issue was discovered in Pulse Secure Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) through 2020-04-06. The applet in tncc.jar, executed on macOS, Linux, and Solaris clients when a Host Checker policy is enforced, launches a TCP server that accepts local connections on a random port. 





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The original article can be found at:https://git.lsd.cat/g/pulse-host-checker-rce



This can be reached by local HTTP clients, because up to 25 invalid lines are ignored, and because DNS rebinding can occur. (This server accepts, for example, a setcookie command that might be relevant to exploitation.)


Vulnerable Systems:

Pulse Secure Pulse Connect Secure (PCS)


CVE Information:



Disclosure Timeline:
Published Date:4/6/2020


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