Siemens LOGO!8 Bm Firmware Remote Code Execution Vulnerability


A vulnerability has been identified in LOGO!8 BM (All versions). Unencrypted storage of passwords in the project could allow an attacker with access to port 10005/tcp to obtain passwords of the device. The security vulnerability could be exploited by an unauthenticated attacker with network access to port 10005/tcp. No user interaction is required to exploit this security vulnerability. The vulnerability impacts the confidentiality of the device. At the time of advisory publication, no public exploitation of this security vulnerability was known


The information has been provided by Manuel Stotz.
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SySS GmbH found out that passwords are stored in a recoverable format on LOGO! 8 PLCs.

Thus, if an attacker finds a way to retrieve this password data, for instance exploiting the security vulnerabilities described in the SySS security advisories SYSS-2019-012 [2] and SYSS-2019-013 [3], direct access to cleartext passwords is given.

Vulnerable Systems:

  • Siemens Logo!8 Bm Firmware

CVE Information:

Disclosure Timeline:
Publish Date:05/14/2019