‘Security Testing Demystified’


The article linked here presents the concepts of application security testing. The article focus on web applications, but the concepts are valid to almost all security testing scenarios.’


‘The information has been provided by Debasis Mohanty.
The original article can be found at: http://www.hackingspirits.com/eth-hac/papers/SecTesting.zip


‘This article has been written in very simple language which can be understood not only by security testers but also can be read & understood by non-technical managers as well.

Just to summarize, this article doesn’t talk anything specific about a particular type of attack rather demonstrate a holistic approach for security testing. At a broader level it covers the following areas:

Anatomy of Security Testing
 * Understanding the product and its architecture
 * Identifying possible attack vectors
 * Preparation of test cases
 * Vulnerability Research & Discovery
 * Exploitation of vulnerabilities found
 * Compilation of final security testing report
 * Final discussions of bug findings and fixes

Briefs about various mistakes and assumptions made by programmers
Talks about why HTTP-REFERRER is a bad thing to rely on
 * How important it is to validate all client side info sent to the server?
 * How to identify potential attack vectors?
 * How wild and evil imaginations are important attributes for a security tester?
 * Anatomy of a Security Testing Report
 * Why a final live hack demo is a good thing to do?

The full presentation can be found at: http://www.hackingspirits.com/eth-hac/papers/SecTesting.zip

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