‘Assessing Java clients with the BeanShell’


‘Assessing the security of Java applications, and particularly client-server applications, can be a tedious process of modifying the code, compiling, deploying, testing and repeat. This becomes even more difficult when the source code to the application is not available. What we require is an easy means of interacting with the internals of a Java application during execution without recompiling the code. The BeanShell provides an interpreted, scripting environment that can plug in to any Java application or applet and allows users to inspect and manipulate objects dynamically. This paper demonstrates a technique for using the BeanShell to assess the security of a typical Java client-server application.’


‘The information has been provided by Stephen de Vries.
The original article can be found at: http://www.corsaire.com/white-papers/060816-assessing-java-clients-with-the-beanshell.pdf


The BeanShell provides a convenient means of inspecting and manipulating a Java application during execution. This allows the security tester to bypass security controls on the client and verify the security controls on the server. It also allows for the automation of tedious tests such as brute force testing.

The BeanShell can be inserted into a new application in a few simple steps. If the source code is not available, the BeanShell can be inserted by extending the class that acts as the entry point into the application. These techniques apply equally to full blown Java applications as well as applets.’

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