‘How Shellcodes Work’


Peter Mikhalenko wrote a nice article explaining step-by-step how to write shell code to and to use it in exploits.’


‘The original article can be found at: http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/lpt/a/6590


”It’s not an easy task to find a vulnerable service and find an exploit for it. It’s also not easy to defend against users who might want to exploit your system, if you are a system administrator. However, writing an exploit by yourself, to convert a news line from bug tracker into a working lockpick, is much more difficult. This article is not a guide on writing exploits, nor an overview of popular vulnerabilities. This is a step-by-step guide on developing a shellcode, a crucial point of any exploit software. Hopefully, learning how they work will help conscientious and respectable developers and system administrators to understand how malefactors think and to defend their systems against them…’

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