‘Exploring Windows CE Shellcode’


The linked paper discusses the problems involved in writing shellcode for Windows CE/ARM and goes on to develop an exploit. The full source for the exploit and related utilities is included.’


‘The information has been provided by Tim Hurman.
The original article can be found at: http://www.pentest.co.uk/documents/exploringwce/exploring_wce_shellcode.html


Windows CE (WCE) is a Windows like operating system for various handheld devices, including Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Mobile Phones. While at the API level, many of the function calls and interfaces are the same as the standard version of Windows, much of the internals have been altered to accommodate many different types of CPUs and architectures.

This paper will attempt to demonstrate the principals and techniques of exploiting WCE/ARM using an example vulnerability. Much of the information in this paper has been extracted from various public sources and in certain cases is used to exploit other architectures such as IA32.

It is assumed that the reader will have working knowledge of Windows exploit development and a grasp of the ARM assembly language. This knowledge is fundamental to some of the procedures and code in this paper.’

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