‘Netifera – Modular Open Source Platform for Security Tools’



‘To keep updated with the tool visit the project’s homepage at: http://netifera.com/download


‘Netifera is a new modular open source platform for creating network security tools. This project provides many advantages for both security developers and researchers who want to implement new tools as well as the community of users of these tools.

* Full IPv6 support
* TCP and UDP network scanning
* Service detection
* Operating system identification
* Reverse DNS scanning
* DNS name brute forcing
* DNS zone transfer information gathering
* Geographical information about network addresses
* Authentication brute force attack (against HTTP, FTP,IMAP and POP3)
* Web crawler discovers applications, collects email addresses and adds the site structure to the model
* Integrated terminal for connecting to and interacting with network services

Passive Tools:
* Modular packet capture service
* Capture packets on multiple interfaces simultaneously
* Parse pcap format capture files as input to sniffing modules
* HTTP traffic analysis
* DNS information gathering from captured responses
* Network stack fingerprinting
* Service detection from captured banners and protocol packets
* Client application detection
* Credential sniffing for many protocols

Data Model:
All information discovered by the netifera platform is persistently stored in a workspace database. Our extension design allows for developers to easily create their own data types and integrate them into the platform.

User Interface:
The platform provides an intuitive and professional quality graphical user interface for using the tools written for our platform and navigating the information they produce. Different tasks in our application such as sniffing information from the network, or actively collecting information by scanning networks, or exploring the local environment of a remotely deployed probe (coming soon! ) each have a specialized configuration of the user interface called a perspective

Programming API:
The netifera platform brings together high quality programming APIs for tasks such as:
* High performance asynchronous socket connection and communication
* Link level packet capture and raw socket injection
* 802.11 monitor mode packet capture and injection (coming soon! )
* Network protocol header construction and analysis (ethernet, ip, tcp, etc…)
* Application layer protocol libraries (http, dns, ftp, etc…)’

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