‘Nipper – Network Infrastructure Parser’



‘The information has been provided by Ian Ventura-Whiting.
To keep updated with the tool visit the project’s homepage at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nipper


‘Nipper is a network infrastructure parser. It processes configuration files from network devices and produces a report including a security audit of the device, configuration settings and other relevant information.

Nipper currently supports the following device types:
  * Cisco IOS-based routers
  * Cisco IOS-based switches
  * Cisco IOS-based catalysts
  * Cisco NMP-based catalysts
  * Cisco CatOS-based catalysts
  * Cisco PIX-based Firewalls
  * Cisco ASA-based Firewalls
  * Cisco FWSM-based Firewalls
  * Cisco Content Service Switches
  * Juniper ScreenOS-based Firewalls (NetScreen)
  * Nortel Passport devices
  * CheckPoint Firewall-1 Firewalls
  * Sonicwall SonicOS-based Firewalls

The security audit includes details of the findings, together with detailed recommendations. The security audit can be modified using command line parameters or an external configuration file.

Network filtering audits include the following, all of which can be modified:
  * Rule lists end with a deny all and log
  * Rules allowing access from any source
  * Rules allowing access from network sources
  * Rules allowing access from any source port
  * Rules allowing access to any destination
  * Rules allowing access to destination networks
  * Rules allowing access to any destination service
  * Rules that do not log
  * Deny rules that do not log
  * Rules that are disabled
  * Rules that reject rather than drop
  * No bypass rules exist
  * Default rules

Nipper is available for Linux, Windows and other platforms.’

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