‘ZmbScap – Zombie Scapper’



‘The information has been provided by Metaeye Security.
The original article can be found at: http://www.metaeye.org/projects/zmbscap/zmbscap-0.1.tar.gz


‘The zombie scapper is an automated perl tool for detecting and stopping distributed denial of service programs. The tool automatically searches and scans the desired target for programs by looking for the ports that are used by the zombie masters. It stops the zombie masters by sending a kill/stop trigger. Detects/Kills the following programs

1. Stacheldhart Version 1
2. Stacheldhart Version 2
3. Wintrinoo
4. Mstream
5. Tribal Flood Network
6. Trinoo
7. Shaft
8. Trinitinty
9. Entitee

Requires Net::RawIP and Net::Ping (optional) perl modules.’

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