‘Automagic SQL Injector’



‘To download the tool: http://scoobygang.org/automagic.zip
The information has been provided by Gary Oleary-Steele.’


‘The Automagic SQL Injector is part of the Sec-1 Exploit Arsenal provided as part of the Applied Hacking & Intrusion Prevention training courses.

In a nutshell it’s an automated SQL injection tool designed to help save time on pen tests. It is only designed to work with vanilla Microsoft SQL injection holes where errors are returned.

The following features are currently supported:

 * Browse tables and dump table data to a CSV file (2 methods).
 * Upload files using debug script method.
 * Automagical UDP reverse shell
 * Interactive xp_cmdshell (simulated cmd.exe shell)

I plan to add other features such as a brute force account cracker and a module to search for other SQL servers using OPENROWSET().

For a demonstration please visit http://scoobygang.org/magicsql/

Written for Active Perl (Windows), doesn’t work too well on *nix.

Usage: perl C:Automagic SQL injectorinjector.pl <Options>

 -h Target Host
 -f Target File (e.g. /process_login.asp)
 -t Type (POST|GET)
 -q Is a leading single quote required (YES|NO)
 -a Additional header such as a cookie. Enclose within ”
 -d Database creation type (T|R). TEMP ## or regular table (Default is TEMP)’

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