‘CORE FORCE – Endpont Protection for Windows 2000 and XP’



‘The information has been provided by CORE FORCE Team.
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‘Core FORCE, a fully functional endpoint protection software for Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems, is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

CORE FORCE R0.95 b167 provides new features and updates based on user feedback. Programs can now be moved across security profiles while they run. Two new default security profiles have been added to run trusted and untrusted programs in generic sandboxes.

This release of CORE FORCE includes the following new features:

 * New security profiles for Trusted Programs and Untrusted Programs.
 * Support to change the security profile for programs while they are running.
 * New Run with security profile command to launch a program in a specific security sandbox.
 * Alert notifications have been overhauled to provide more accurate information and options to the user.
 * Support for configuration of multiple executables in a program’s security profile.
 * Firewall rules can now be configured for specific protocols other than TCP, UDP & ICMP.
 * Generic permissions can now be configured to initialize security levels’ permissions on a new program’s security profile.

These new features have been designed to work together in common scenarios:

 * If you want to install a new program and avoid restrictions for the installer, you can launch it in the new Trusted Programs sandbox (or move it to that security profile when it’s running).
 * If you download a suspicious program from the web and want to check it out, you can run it in the Untrusted Programs sandbox where it won’t be able to write or delete stuff in your computer and communicate with remote computers without your knowledge.

As in previous releases, we continue to improve CORE FORCE’s stability and compatibility based on feedback from beta users.

For more information about this new release, please go here:

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