‘Browser Rider’



‘The information has been provided by Benjamin Mosse.
The original article can be found at: http://engineeringforfun.com/browserrider.html


‘Browser Rider is a hacking framework to build payloads that exploit the browser. The project aims to provide a powerful, simple and flexible interface to any client side exploit. Browser Rider is not a new concept. Similar tools such as BeEF or Backframe exploited the same concept. However most of the other existing tools out there are unmainted, not updated and not documented. Browser Rider wants to fill those gaps by providing a better alternative.

 – Easily create powerful payloads and plugins
 – Manage payloads automatically with plugins
 – All data can be saved in a database
 – Obfuscation
 – Polymorphism
 – Control more than one zombie at a time
 – Simple administration panel’

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