‘EIGRP Tools’



‘The information has been provided by Andrew A. Vladimirov.
To keep updated with the tool visit the project’s homepage at: http://www.hackingciscoexposed.com/?link=tools


‘EIGRP Tools are custom EIGRP packet generators developed to test the security and overall operation quality of this Cisco routing protocol for UNIX systems.

Using this tool requires knowledge of both EIGRP operations and the topology of the audited network. To assist in the latter, the tool includes an EIGRP sniffer/dissector written as there were problems with Ethereal recognizing some EIGRP packet formats, notably the ‘Good Bye’ packets. Please read carefully and edit the eigrp.conf file before using eigrp.pl.

To download the tool: http://www.hackingciscoexposed.com/tools/eigrp-tools.tar.gz

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