‘PIKT – Problem Informant/Killer Tool’



‘The information has been provided by Robert Osterlund.
To keep updated with the tool visit the project’s homepage at: http://pikt.org/pikt/software.html


‘PIKT is cross-categorical, multi-purpose software for monitoring and configuring computer systems, administering networks, organizing system security, and much more.

PIKT is intended primarily for system monitoring, and secondarily for configuration management, but its versatility and extensibility evoke many other wide-ranging uses.

PIKT consists of a sophisticated, feature-rich file preprocessor; an innovative scripting language with unique labor-saving features; a flexible, centrally directed process scheduler; a customizing file installer; a collection of powerful command-line extensions; and other useful tools.

A reviewer once said of PIKT, ‘this is by far one of the most interesting/powerful tools I have seen for Linux administration.’

Another wrote that PIKT ‘excels at handling a diverse collection of machines, saves time and eliminates repetition, and gives you a global view of your site.’

Highlights of the latest release, PIKT 1.19.0:

 * The PIKT Reference has been substantially revised, with many more examples, expansion of several sections, and updates to reflect details in recent software versions.
 * piktc ‘-x’ & ‘-X’ operations may now piggyback onto other piktc operations.
 * A new piktc & pikt command-line option has been added: ‘-U’, for running in ‘urgent mode’.
 * Another new piktc option has been added: ‘-p#’, for pausing # seconds between successive piktc operations.
 * Per-host data & auth encryption types were implemented.
 * Several new alarm status settings were introduced.
 * New features were added to support special test environments.
 * Debugging, error handling, and logging were all improved.
 * Other new features were added.
 * Several bugs were also fixed.

For further details, see the PIKT News page: http://pikt.org/pikt/news.html

All in all, the new features and changes in PIKT 1.19.0 make possible some powerful new techniques for enhancing PIKT’s effectiveness and easing its configuration and management. Visit http://pikt.org/pikt/intro/intro.html for a fuller account of these exciting new possibilities.

PIKT is available for Linux and many other flavors of Unix, including AIX, FreeBSD, AIX, Digital UNIX, HP-UX, IRIX, OpenBSD, SCO OpenServer, and Solaris. PIKT is Open Source software distributed under the GNU GPL.’

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