”The Matrix’ Screensaver is insecure’


”The Matrix’ is a screensaver created with the theme of ‘The Matrix’ movie. This screensaver can be downloaded free of charge from What is the Matrix website, and is a must for any Matrix movie fan. However, fans that are security aware should know that this screen saver contains a serious security hole which renders its password protection scheme useless.’


‘This information has been provided by: Boyce, Nick.’


‘Running ‘The Matrix’ screensaver on Windows creates a potential security hole, due to the program’s inability to successfully require a password in all cases where it should. Even after setting the ‘Password protected’ screensaver option in the property sheet dialog, when the screen saver is running, moving the mouse or pressing a key wakes the screensaver up, and a password prompt appears, as it should. But instead of requiring a password to return to Windows, pressing the ‘Escape’ keyboard key (instead of moving the mouse or pressing a generic key) terminates the screen saver without the need for a password.

Windows users should note that Microsoft’s Official guidelines suggest using only screensaver that are supplied by Microsoft, since only they were officially tested for compliance with the Windows Screen Saver architecture which prevents such problems.’

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