‘RealONE Player Gold / RealJukebox2 Skin File Download Vulnerability’


‘RealJukebox2 and RealONE Player Gold can be changed the visual appearance of application by skin file. The skin file (file extension is ‘rjs’) is the zip-file that contains the images and setting files. The ‘skin.ini’ file that is included in the zipped skin file is extracted to known directory when skin file is loaded. If HTML tag is written in skin.ini file, Internet Explorer regards skin.ini file as a HTML file. In consequence, the script written in skin.ini file is executed on ‘My Computer’ security zone of Internet Explorer.

There is a possibility that the arbitrary command is executed, etc, if the webpage that malicious HTML tag is written is browsed by Internet Explorer or e-mail client applications that use Internet Explorer components such as Outlook Express.’


‘The information has been provided by UNYUN.’


Vulnerable systems:
 * RealONE Player Gold version
 * RealJukebox2 version
 * RealJukebox2 version
 * RealJukebox2 Plus version
 * RealJukebox2 Plus version

We describe the reproduction process of this problem on Windows2000 Professional SP2+RealJukebox2 version First, make the following skin.ini file that contains HTML tag to launch ‘c:winntnotepad.exe’.

<OBJECT CLASSID=’CLSID:15589FA1-C456-11CE-BF01-00AA0055595A’

Compress this skin.ini file by Zip utility, rename file extension from ‘zip’ to ‘rjs’.

Second, make the following HTML file (test.html), put it on webserver together with previous made ‘rjs’ file (exploit.rjs).

<META HTTP-EQUIV=’Refresh’ CONTENT=’20;URL=file://c:Program
<iframe src=’exploit.rjs’>

Finally, browse test.html by Internet Explorer. exploit.rjs is loaded into RealJukebox2 when test.html is browsed, the skin.ini file is extracted. When RealJukebox2 extracts the skin file, RealJukebox2 makes ‘~rjbtemp?’ directory on ‘temp’ directory which is placed on the install directory of RealJukebox2. ‘?’ of ‘~rjbtemp?’ is the sequence number, but, this value is ‘0’ if RealJukebox2 is not launched now and RealJukebox2 has never terminated abnormally. skin.ini file is extracted ‘~rjbtemp?’ directory, test.html refers it after 20 second.

Information about the avoidance of this problem is published on the webpage of RealNetworks, Inc. http://service.real.com/help/faq/security/bufferoverrun07092002.html

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